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Diminuto Cielo

Maneki Neko Luckycat

Maneki Neko Luckycat

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Luckycat is a fun, colourful and cheerful interpretation of the classic Japanese lucky cat or maneki-neko. Each colour attracts a different form of luck. Don't forget to place it facing the entrance or door to attract luck.

Meaning of each color:

WHITE: Good things to come
BLACK: Avoid bad luck and increase happiness

SILVER: Good luck in business
GOLD: Attracts money and wealth
SMURF BLUE: Makes dreams come true
LIGHT BLUE: Professional success
HULK GREEN: Brings luck to your relatives
MOJITO GREEN: New Life, luck for your children
TURQUOISE: Good Health
MAUVE: Good Sex
LIGHT PINK: Find your ideal match
STRAWBERRY RED: Success in love
RED VIOLET: Wit and Creativity
ORANGE: Good luck for travelers
LEMON YELLOW: Money comes


15cm high, 10cm wide

Made of plastic, requires AA Batteries

 Made in China

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