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Solo By Heather Castles

Solo By Heather Castles

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“Solo” | Upcycled Renoir print
29x23 inch (74x59cm framed)
acrylic on print on board
AND 12x12 cast off canvas

🐞 This sassy ladybug wiggled her way through wet paint and into another painting! To add to the effect, this pair would look great on a gallery wall with other eclectic pieces of art.

You can watch an Instagram reel of Heather painting this ladybug. She had this idea back then, of painting ladybug footprints (look them up, they’re adorable) as if she had walked across my palette and across this muted painting.

The square canvas the ladybug tracked paint from is what she calls "my cast off canvas". As she paint, she likes to avoid rinsing excess paint down the drain… so I brush it off on a nearby canvas. It keeps it out of the waterways, and at the same time prepares her next surface for painting. The colours and brush strokes on this canvas are from her last two ladybug paintings.

Collected from a thrift store, the popular opinion was to keep the frame and throw away the print! It’s a good example of what happens when you display art/prints in the sun… it fades. This piece is a print on board featuring the work of Auguste Renoir, “L'Estaque” painted in 1882.

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