About Us

about usA true devotion to the craft stems from an intense satisfaction of turning unwanted and heirloom furniture back into modern treasured pieces in your home.


In 2017, our founder, Ariana started Pistolnik after noticing the upholstery industry was declining in Canada.

Upholstery shops were closing to an aging population of upholsterers and no post-secondary programs training the next generation. Because there was a limited number of people with the skills to revive old furniture, it was being discarded by consumers and replaced with low quality "fast furniture". At Pistolnik, we have been rescuing curbside furniture and reimagining it to be something extraordinary since day one.

Unfortunately most modern furniture sold at big box stores is made with materials that will not last; many consumers must replace their furniture within 5 years. For the sake of the environment and your wallet, things need to change. ​It's about reducing waste and preserving our past (even if our past could use a face lift). Upholstery is the world's oldest recycling program, afterall.

​Our aim was and is to breathe new life into dated furniture through colour and pattern to make it something that will once again be a beloved conversation piece in your home.

In November 2022, Pistolnik rebranded and moved locations to become a brick and mortar destination for anyone who loves unique home decor. Many items for sale are created in our workroom, while others have been sourced from other creative companies in Germany, Holland, USA, UK, etc. Behind the retail floor is a workroom where we create items for the store and our clients.

Pistolnik was founded as a platform to showcase and sell quality handmade products and make bespoke upholstery. Get in touch to start your custom project today or take a look at our own pieces for sale!