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Upcycled Vintage Art

Ivory Midnight Garden by Heather Castles

Ivory Midnight Garden by Heather Castles

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Heather found this painting rolled up with hundreds of other original oil paintings, created to be replicas of the old masters. So she mounted it on a frame, refreshed the colour and added the smiling faces for a bit of whimsy… how many smiling faces can you spot?

These flowers are part of Heather Castles Upcycled Vintage Art collection. Found locally, these damaged paintings and discarded vintage prints have been given a little love. Her aim is to encourage an appreciation of older styles of artwork by respectfully refreshing the colours and adding playful elements to the art. One-of-a-kind, these are not prints and are not reproduced.

Affectionately called “Alice’s Flowers,” these prim faces are inspired by the snobby flower garden in Disney’s animated #aliceinwonderland …Alice threatened that when she was her right size, she would come back and pick every last one of them… perhaps she did!

15x20 inches
mixed media on canvas

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