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Mango Paint

Mango Paint Teegan

Mango Paint Teegan

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Mango Paint Teegan.
Teegan is  a bright, cheerful AND sophisticated yellow.
Pair this statement colour with greys (like Harrison or Quinley), or for something a little more creative try pairing with another bold colour (like Paisley or Lillian).
Reclaim your furniture with Teegan!

Mango Paint is a Canadian made, water based paint that is specifically designed to reclaim furniture. This paint imparts a beautiful soft matte finish that is incredibly smooth to the touch. With minimal prep work required, you can breeze right through to the fun part!

Mango Paint is eco-friendly which means you can go ahead and paint your dining room furniture right in the dining room! Dreaming of a distressed look? This is where the Mango Paint collection really shines! After painting your piece – a light sand overall will give you an incredibly soft, velvety smooth feel – sand a little more on your edges and details to see how beautifully this paint distresses!

Apply our ‘Beeswax Furniture Finish’ or super durable ‘Table Top Finish’ to seal your masterpiece and stand back to admire your work!

One quart of Mango Paint covers approximately 150sqft.
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